Septic System Repairs For Older Tanks

When you bought your older home, you may have found that it is on a septic system rather than city sewer. If this is the case, septic system repairs may be necessary shortly before or after you move into the home. If you have never been on a septic system, you may be confused about what repairs you could be facing and what steps need to be taken. Here are some of the repairs that are common with older homes and septic tanks and what you should know about each repair.

Portable Toilets: 5 Tips To Ensure Your Event Is A Sanitation Success

Are you planning an outdoor special event? If so, chances are you will require portable toilet rentals. Here are five helpful hints for making sure your guests' sanitation needs are met. 1. How Many Portable Toilets Do You Need? To answer how many portable toilets you will need to rent, you will need a good idea of how many guests you will be having. For events such as a wedding, this number is pretty straightforward, but for other events, such as a marathon or a community picnic, it can be a bit more complicated to accurately predict attendance.

Smelling Septic Tank Odor? It Could Be From These 3 Problems

One problem in a home that often causes immediate concern is a bad odor. If you own a septic tank, it could be from odors somehow leaking into your home that should not be there. Here are some possible reasons for a bad smell in your home, and what you can do about it. P-Traps That Are Dry Every plumbing fixture in your home uses a p-trap. Much like the name implies, it is shaped like a sideways letter P and traps water inside the curve that is facing downward.

3 Things Homeowners Should Know About Storm Drains

Most homeowners never think about storm drains until one on their property or street floods or otherwise needs repair. Though most storm drains are located on public streets, usually up against a curb, some storm drains are located on private property and are therefore the responsibility of the homeowner. For example, if you live on a large property upstream from a creek or river, your property most likely has trenches, underground drains, or other channels designed to divert excess rainwater away from your home.

How To Teach Children About Home Septic Systems (Otherwise Titled: "Please Don't Feed The Potty!")

Home septic systems can be an economical, earth-friendly way to deal with waste matter. Unlike municipal systems, an on-site home septic system does not require a substantial monthly payment in order to use it. Even better is the fact that most can last for decades with only an occasional need for maintenance or repair. But for homes with small, curious children, keeping a home septic system healthy and functional may require a bit of education.

Best Tips For Keeping Your Septic System Healthy In A Busy Household

Life gets hectic, especially for families who are juggling children and busy careers while also trying to take care of their home. For these households, major home repair issues can have a devastating effect on busy schedules and household budgets, making it important to try to prevent them from occurring, if possible. A septic system failure, including clogged pipes and septic tank issues, is a perfect example of a home repair issue that can be huge problem for a busy household where working bathrooms and drains are critically important.