Great Drain Cleaning Tips For Homeowners

After a while, the drains in your home can get so dirty that clogs develop. You then may not be able to use the drains at all. If you're in this spot, these drain cleaning tips may be just what you need to flush everything out and get your drains working great again. 

Boiling Water

Just because you have clogged and dirty drains doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune on a remedy. All you may need is some boiling water. The heat from the water may be enough to break up whatever is inside your drains.

After boiling some water, find a temperature-resistant bucket and then pour the water directly over the drain. Repeat these steps a couple of times a day until you notice water going down at a more rapid rate. Boiling water is ideal for less severe clogs. 

Wire Hanger

If the clog in your drains is a little deeper, then boiling water may not do the trick. Instead, you may need to use a wire hanger so that you can reach deeper inside the drains. 

Find a wire hanger around the house and then bend it so that it's straight. You can put some type of protective material around the end so that you don't damage the interior of your pipes. 

Push this end of the hanger down until you feel resistance. Then you'll want to push and twist at the same time, breaking apart the obstruction. 

Commercial Drain Cleaner

If you don't want to worry about getting your hands dirty or expending a lot of energy cleaning your drains and dealing with clogs, then what you can do is get some commercial drain cleaner. These products are pretty fast-acting and very potent.

You can find these cleaners on commercial cleaning sites. Once you find a product, follow its directions perfectly. Typically, this involves pouring a certain amount of liquid cleaner down the drains and giving it enough time to break up the obstructions. After some time has passed, you can pour water down the drain to see if the solution worked. Multiple treatments may be required.

Having dirty drains is not ideal because then clogs can rear their ugly head. Fortunately, there are plenty of methods that can help you clean drains in a safe and effective manner. Just do what works for your budget and personal property. Professionals are always standing by if you still need assistance.