2 Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting A Spot For Your Septic System's Leach Field

Whether you are having a brand-new septic system installed because of new home construction or a faulty old system, part of the choices you will have to make will be the location of its leach field. Since this leach field filters out waste materials, it is just as important in the function of your system as the tank itself. However, when you go to choose the placement of the leach field, make sure you do not make either or both of the following mistakes.

1.  Underestimating the Size That Your Household Needs

When selecting the spot for your new leach field, the size of the area is a key component when making the decision. The number of people in your household and the septic system's usage will contribute to how large the leach field should be.

If you underestimate the surface area required for the leach field and make it too small, the field will not be able to handle the amount of gray water and waste material being pumped into it on a daily basis. As a result, it will either flow back into the septic tank or cause flooding of the leach field's surface. When determining the proper size, always follow the installation contractor's advice.

2.  Placing the Leach Field in a Less-Than-ideal Landscape

Another mistake to avoid when picking out the location of the leach field is placing it on a landscape that is less than ideal. This includes keeping it away from any areas with trees or large bushes, as the roots will travel toward the extra moisture and potentially destroy the pipes running through the field.

Also, you do not want the leach field to be on a slope that is higher than the septic tank since the tank depends a large part on gravity to deliver the wastewater to the field. The area should be flat so as not to cause flooding, and it should be slightly lower than the tank itself. 

Even if you believe that a spot that you have picked out for your system's leach field is ideal, be flexible in its placement, and await a professional opinion and ruling about its final location. Discuss the placement of the field with a contractor who offers septic tank installation services so that you both can come up with a spot that is convenient for your household and that will work best for your septic system.