Septic System Repairs For Older Tanks

When you bought your older home, you may have found that it is on a septic system rather than city sewer. If this is the case, septic system repairs may be necessary shortly before or after you move into the home. If you have never been on a septic system, you may be confused about what repairs you could be facing and what steps need to be taken. Here are some of the repairs that are common with older homes and septic tanks and what you should know about each repair.

Video Inspection

Before any septic system repairs can be done, an inspection will be necessary. The inspection will let the contractor know exactly what issues are there. By knowing this before going into the septic tank, the contractor can avoid any guesswork and go straight to the problem. Most inspections are now done with the use of a video camera that is inserted into the septic line and tank. The contractor can easily look around the tank and check for clogs, cracks, or other issues. This will allow them to make suggestions and formulate a repair plan as well as a price estimate for the repairs, if any are necessary.

Crack Repair

If a crack is found in the septic tank, the contractor will suggest ways to repair the crack quickly. In some cases, the tank can be pumped and emptied. Once this step is taken, the crack can then be repaired and the tank set up for use. If the crack is left without being repaired as soon as possible, it can cause extensive damage to the tank and leakage of waste into the ground around the tank. This damage will require soil contamination cleaning as well as a tank replacement. If the crack is beyond repair, your contractor will give you tank replacement options.

Pumping and Grease Traps

The most common septic system repair deals with the pumping of the tank and with cleaning grease traps. The pumping is the first step the contractor will take in order to remove the waste that is building up. This allows them to make any repairs necessary, including removal of items from clogged septic tanks. The grease trap will also be cleaned to remove the built up and hardened grease that can also cause clogging, pipe damage, and septic tank damage over time.

These are just a few of the possible, and more common, septic system repairs that you may be facing. Keep in mind, your septic tank will need to be pumped on a routine basis and a quality check should be done as well as part of normal maintenance. If you need your initial septic inspection, contact your septic tank repair contractor. They can schedule an appointment and consult you on options available to you for your specific tank.