Best Tips For Keeping Your Septic System Healthy In A Busy Household

Life gets hectic, especially for families who are juggling children and busy careers while also trying to take care of their home. For these households, major home repair issues can have a devastating effect on busy schedules and household budgets, making it important to try to prevent them from occurring, if possible.

A septic system failure, including clogged pipes and septic tank issues, is a perfect example of a home repair issue that can be huge problem for a busy household where working bathrooms and drains are critically important. If you have a busy household and are concerned about septic tank maintenance, the following quick tips can help you protect it from misuse and prolong its life. 

Tip 1: Know your system and its limitations

Septic tanks and drain fields are installed in a variety of sizes and capacities, based on the expected number of occupants in the home. As families grow, a septic system that once was able to keep up with the waste produced may become inefficient, leading to backups, clogs, or an overloaded drainfield. Homeowners who take time to learn the capacity of their system will be able to take appropriate action, such as having the tank pumped regularly, to help prevent failures during periods of high use. 

Tip 2: Protect the area where your system is located

Septic systems may be hidden from view, but it is important for homeowners to remember thier location and protect it. Any use or activty that could endanger the safety of the components should be avoided, including: 

  • driving vehicles or placing heavy objects over the tank, pipes, or drain field that could cause compaction
  • allowing rain water or other sources of water to pool in the area over the drain field where doing so could prevent the soil from being able to absorb the effluent given out by the perforated drain lines
  • planting trees or bushes on or near the area where the septic system is located, which could allow root systems to invade and damage pipes and components

Homeowners how are not sure of the location of their system should contact a reputable septic system contractor for assistance in locating it. 

Tip 3: Teach family members to treat the septic system with the respect it deserves

Flushing objects or materials other than septic-safe toilet tissue or allowing grease or chemicals to flow into drains can quickly cause issues with an otherwise healthy septic system. To keep your system safe and working well, homeowners will want to take time to educate all household members on which products are flushable and which must be disposed of in other ways is the best way to keep your system safe.