What Questions Will My Septic Pumping Company Ask When I Schedule My Cleaning?

In most instances, having your septic tank pumped is a pretty run-of-the-mill experience. Your technician should not need to come into your home or see your bathroom unless he or she has a problem locating or pumping out your septic tank. If you're a new homeowner who has never yet experienced a septic tank cleaning, these are the questions you should expect to answer after you make the call to your local septic pumping service. 

Do You Know Where Your Tank Is Located?

One of the first questions you can expect to hear is whether you know where your tank is located. If the answer is no, that's okay. Many homeowners, especially new ones, have no idea where their septic tank is located. They may have a general idea, or they may be able to give a general location by looking at the direction the drain pipes exit the home or by looking at the property deed, but if you're not sure where your septic tank is, don't worry. Most septic pumping service technicians know how to find it. 

Is Digging Involved?

If you don't know exactly where your septic tank is located, this probably means that digging will be involved in uncovering it. Most septic pumping companies charge extra for digging, but typically, the fee isn't terribly significant. Usually it involves one technician locating the general area where he suspects your tank may be and then digging down with a shovel until he finds the access panel. Your septic cleaning tech may need to dig in several places around your yard before he or she actually locates your tank. 

When Was Your Last Cleaning? 

This question is an important one. A good rule of thumb is to have yours pumped at least once every three years. But if you regularly use a garbage disposal or have a lot of people living in the home, it may be required more frequently. Neglecting the care and maintenance of your septic system can lead to backups inside your home as well as problems when it comes time to pump out your system. 

Before buying a home with a septic system, make sure you understand the costs and maintenance associated with it. The cost to pump waste from a septic tank regularly is much less than the costs associated with having to dig down and repair or replace the entire system. Be a conscientious homeowner, and be prepared to cover this necessary expense. For more information, contact companies like George W Shepard  & Son Inc.