Don't Think You Need Your Sewer Lines Cleaned? 3 Reasons Why You Should Reconsider

If it's been a while since you have had your sewer and drain lines cleaned, you might want to have that done, especially when you find out what could be hiding in them. Not only will you find the usual suspects lurking in your sewer and drain lines, including rotting food and raw sewage, there are other things that could be hiding there too. While some of the things you can find in sewer lines might not be so bothersome, others are destined to make you think twice about sitting on the toilet. Here are three things that might be lurking in your sewer lines.

Tree Roots

If you have trees growing in your yard, chances are pretty good that you have roots growing in your drain pipes and sewer lines. When trees are in need of water, they send small tap roots out looking for a good source. In most cases, they'll find your pipes. They're easily accessible and there's plenty of water inside of them. Once they find an opening – usually a small crack or seam – they'll enter the pipe and begin growing. As they grow, the begin to fill up the space inside the pipe. Once they've outgrown the tight quarters, the pipe will collapse. Having your sewer lines cleaned at least once a year will remove the roots and prevent damage.

Greasy Gunk

Whenever you flush things from your house – whether it's through the sinks, toilets or tubs – particles of the debris get stuck inside the sewer lines. Over time, you can develop a thick buildup of greasy gunk inside the pipes. When that happens, you'll start noticing foul odors coming up from the drains. You might also notice an increased occurrence of clogs throughout your home. Keeping sewer pipes clean is an effective way to prevent clogs and foul odors.

Live Critters 

You might have heard the stories and thought they were just urban legends, but live critters can, and do, come up through the sewer pipes. People have been bitten by rats, squirrels and even snakes that have crawled through the drain pipes and up through the toilets. Having your sewer lines professionally cleaned will flush critters out before they can crawl into your home. The clean drains will also be more difficult for the critters to crawl back through.

If you haven't cleaned your sewer lines in a while, you should have that done as soon as possible. You could be preventing the invasion of some pretty nasty stuff. Contact a business, such as Jarrach Cesspools, for more information.