The Arduous Career of a Professional Diver

Professional divers must be extremely skilled and understand how to practice the correct safety procedures while underwater. These divers can be hired to do a number of different jobs, and these careers come with a lot of risks, however the compensation is usually fairly high. For anyone considering a career as a professional diver, here is what you need to know.

Types Of Jobs

Those who are considered professional divers can perform a wide array of tasks and can be hired by many different types of companies. Some of the most common careers in this field include:

  • Police divers who are tasked with looking for bodies or other evidence that has ended up in bodies of water.
  • Welders who must dive and be able to perform the practice of welding underwater to make repair to structures like bridges.
  • Septic divers that need to be able to get to a main pump and make repairs to large septic systems, as well as make repairs to pipes.
  • Divers that can perform repairs on offshore oil rigs by repairing problems found on oil platforms and machinery that is out to sea.


There are several important and necessary requirements that someone must meet in order to begin a career in commercial or professional diving. First, you must be able to pass a physical which demonstrates you are in good overall health as well as have good lung capacity. Next, you have to be able to obtain diver's certifications that can be granted by attending diving school and passing several different tests. These important tests show your knowledge about proper safety protocol as well as demonstrable proficiency in being able to dive at various depths for different lengths of time. While there are no age restrictions for commercial divers, most employers prefer younger candidates since they are more resilient.

Career Outlook

The pay for commercial divers is usually higher than many other industrial or commercial positions. This is largely due to the dangers many divers can face including possible drowning or getting the bends, to name a few. Diving is a very technical skill, and not everyone is cut out for this extremely tough job. For those who dive for a living, it is usually something they're very passionate about and really enjoy. Most commercial divers start out making an annual salary of about $40,000 to $60,000 and this usually includes full benefits. As a diver's career progresses and they demonstrate a successful track record, their salary tends to increase as well as their position potential such as managing an entire team of divers.

However, if you aren't a certified commercial diver, but find you need some work done underwater, consider contacting professional diving contractors to do the job safely and efficiently.