Five Good Reasons To Rent Portable Toilets For Your Next Event

If you're in charge of planning a church, charity or social event, or if you're having an outdoor wedding, portable toilet rentals may not be at the top of your "must-have" list. However, renting such facilities can make your event a lot more enjoyable for your guests and help ensure that the day or evening is a success for you and your guests.

A little about portable toilets

Today's portable toilets are much different from such units of even a decade ago. Portable toilets available today are clean, sweet smelling and spacious. You can even add a hand washing station to your set up for an extra degree of hygiene. Some companies, like Onsite Portable Toilets & Septic and others, even offer multi-stall bathroom trailers that differ little from the bathrooms you'd find in a restaurant or an event center. Some are even air conditioned.

Benefits of renting portable toilets

1. Your guests will stay longer. Without bathroom facilities, your guests are likely to leave after a few hours. When there are facilities available, the party can go on all night or all day.

2. Portable toilets provide security. If you're hosting an event in your back yard or other private property, having portable toilets keeps guests from wandering around your house unescorted, a potential security risk.

3. You'll keep muddy shoes outside. If your event is a casual one and it's been rainy, mud and dirty shoes can be a problem. No one wants muddy footprints all over their floors after people track back and forth to your indoor bathrooms. Renting portable outdoor toilets eliminates that problem.

4. There's no cleaning up the bathrooms after the party. Welcoming scores of people into your bathrooms can leave you with a major clean-up problem, either in your home, in your place of business, museum or country club building. When you opt for portable toilets, the company picks up the units and cleans them.

5. Portable toilets are convenient for guests. Even if you open your home or adjacent building to your outdoor event guests, it's likely that they'll have to walk a distance from the party to the facilities. When you rent portable toilets, your guests can use the facilities and rejoin the party in no time.

You may not have stopped to think about bathroom facilities for your next outdoor event. However, planning ahead and renting a few portable toilets can allow your guests to stay at the party longer, enhance security and keep you from having a major post-party clean-up.